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5 tips to launch your personal project in less than 2 weeks 🚀

Something really incredible happened this weekend: I finally launched my personal project that has been “on the shelf” for over a year ✨🥳

The truth is: Personal Development is one of my personal passions since I started my career over 10 years ago. It has completely changed who I am and made me a better, happier person.

Over the past years, I took so many courses and had such great experiences that I just felt like it was time to bring this to the world - and potentially help others to transform themselves too.

🤔How did I make it happen?

I decided to “practice what I preach” as a Venture Builder, and start with a small experiment:

🧪My key hypothesis: “People will sign up for a 2-hour masterclass on personal transformation”.

🧪The success metric:

I have to be honest, my success my metric was very “low entry”: If 30+ people sign-up, I will continue with it.

🧪The experiment:

I put my fears aside and built a very simple (free) landing page + posted it on my instagram and LinkedIn.

✨ The result: 2 days later, I had over 100 sign ups 🤯🤯

👉🏻Then we moved on to the next Hypothesis: How many people will show up?

✨2 days, 50 participants later, not only have I validated my key hypothesis, but also: I’ve learned SO MUCH.✨

And here’s what I learned about launching and testing your own ideas:

1️⃣Start small ‼️

If you have a personal project or idea that you want to put in practice, it might be very tempting to go all in and to put a lot of work on it. This might lead you to both burned resources and paralysis.

It’s way harder to work on something that is huge than in something that is small and tangible.

My advice: Start with your key hypothesis and test the most relevant ones with really small experiments. This is the old “Build, Measure, Learn” applied to your own life 😉

2️⃣Focus on your Intention ✨

It’s very easy to get lost in numbers.

Don’t get me wrong: Metrics are VERY important to test your ideas, but in the end it’s also about what you want to bring to the world. Specially when you are starting, you might not have a room full of people and people will not clap all the time.

Focus on the people who committed to being there with you, and learn as much as you can. Your “Early Adopters” are the people who were supposed to be there. Do your best and remember why you started.

3️⃣Work smart and forget perfection 🙈

This process is about LEARNING. Embrace hick-ups and understand that they are going to help you grow. You can do a lot of work, but there will always be space for improvement.

4️⃣Embrace feedback, but remember who you’re doing it for 😉

Ask for feedback and accept it/embrace it.

However, it will be impossible to adopt every piece of feedback you receive: Try to find the commonalities and also keep in mind who you’re doing this for.

This might sound harsh, but here we go: Everyone will want to give an opinion on what you’re doing.

Say “Thank you”, but be clear with yourself about the relevant points to be taken forward.

5️⃣Leave your impostor syndrome at the door and trust the process 🙏🏼

Whatever happens, there’s no mistake. You are the right person to do it, and things happen for a reason, at their own time.

Do your best, learn from it, and surrender to the process.

BONUS: Last but not least: Have fun on the way! If you’re doing this, it means you’re somehow passionate about it. ENJOY.

Well, these are just some of my learnings: This weekend has been SUCH a blast, I don’t even know how to start talking about it.

🚀What’s next?

Here we go to the next step of my own “Personal Experiment”:

‼️There will be a new, improved version of this Masterclass in September

‼️The Masterclass will be called “Life Design Masterclass”, and we will go through the life design process and how you can use the experimentation principles to create exciting visions and versions of your own life.

I believe that there’s no one single bullet-proof plan to your future: You have to experiment with different versions of yourself and have fun on the way. If not, life would be too boring.

Are you interested in hearing more?

👉🏻If you are, go ahead and sign-up for the waiting list:

I will keep you posted on the next steps!

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